These days technology plays a significant role in development of the best quality garments. Our management team travel globally in search of the most advanced equipment, materials and manufacturing techniques. We use equipment from Japan and Europe in our production process to bring you the best possible outcomes. Quality guarantee All our garments have a quality guarantee. If a product is faulty due to the manufacturing process or material defect we will replace it or repair it to the original condition.

Different levels of fabrics

To create high quality cycling wear we import fabrics and paddings from Italy.

Polyester used to be sweaty and uncomfortable. But the modern blends which JRD Cycling uses are  anti-bacterial, ultra fast at wicking away sweat and very comfortable indeed. They will keep you dry whether it’s hot or cold. It’s also an incredibly light fabric, and can be sublimated – a form of printing that lends itself perfectly to the graphical designs you see on cycling jerseys.

Material Partners