We have designers to create your own unique cycling wear. However, if you have your own designer, we could also produce your own design.

Fitting Types

  • Race Fit (This is usually for road racing professional cyclist who has a very slim body shape and who need their kits to be tightly weared on his/her body to eliminated any un-necessory air resistence.)
  • Sports Fit (This is usually for beginner and club members who want the cycling gear not to be so tight on their body and could give some room between the clothing and their body.)

Design your cycling wear

There are two options:

  1. If you haven’t got a design(er), let us know tour wishes and style and we’ll design the cycling wear for you.
  2. You design the cycling wear yourself. (We could send you the template if you want.)

For artwork of design templates, please email to and we will send you the template based on your request.

Size Chart

We have a default size chart. However the sizing of cycling wear depends on the fitting, fabric etc etc.

A size chart is available upon request. To request a fit kit please send us an email.